Services at Schroder & Macquet Physio, Ballito

We recently added a SHOCKWAVE THERAPY machine to our "toolbox". This is an effective means of dealing with

  • tendon problems (Achilles tendinopathy, Tennis & Golfers Elbow, shoulder tendinitis)
  • chronic inflammation
  • muscle tears

While our focus is hands-on treatment, there is most certainly a place for electrotherapy and other modalities. These include

  • Ultrasound (inflammation, swelling, bruising)
  • Laser (healing of various tissues)
  • Interferential therapy (swelling and pain control)
  • Dry needling (releases spasm, improves circulation to assist with healing)
  • Traction (for certain spinal conditions)

We are also able to assist infants and children with chest physiotherapy and suction (removal of mucus). Sinusitis can also be treated with various physiotherapy modalities.